If you can tear yourself away from your news device at some point during the next week, here are some great, voter registrationy events to consider:

Strategic Test Canvass (Lancaster; CA-25) May 20
League of Women Voters Monthly Meeting (Koreatown) May 20
Voter Registration Training (Riverside) May 21
Voter Registration at the Santa Clarita Swap Meet May 21
Naturalization Ceremony Registration Drive (Downtown L.A.) May 23
Voter Registration Training (San Francisco) May 23
Voter Registration Tabling & Canvassing (Simi Valley, CA-25) May 27

Tuesday’s post-naturalization ceremony reg drive promises to be especially productive and satisfying. Recommended. (They’ve got these in other cities too–your local Democratic party will very likely be on the scene. Get there!)

Happy Resisting.