March 7, 2017

Voting Rights & Outreach Organizations

Brennan Center
Non-partisan public policy and law institute that focuses on fundamental issues of democracy and justice.

Campus Vote Project
Working with students to remove barriers to voting on campuses across the country.

Demand the Vote
Advocating for voter registration, education, and outreach since 2016.

Fair Elections Legal Network
Non-partisan NGO working to remove barriers to voting.

Head Count
Music. Democracy. Action.

Let America Vote
Fighting voter disenfranchisement national-wide.

Project Vote
National, nonpartisan nonprofit working to ensure that all Americans can register, vote, and cast ballots that count.

Rock the Vote
Building political power for young voters

Spread the Vote
Voter ID is voter suppression. We help people get the IDs they need.

Vote Riders
Helping citizens get the ID required to vote.

Voto Latino
Empowering the Latino community.

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